Central Penn League Rules


Bent Creek Country Club


Lancaster Country Club

Lancaster Tennis & Yacht

Lancaster Tennis & Yacht (P)

Manheim Tennis Club

Racquet Club West

Combined Levels and Ratings

  #1 - 9.0
  #2 - 8.5
#3 - 8.0
#4 - 7.5
#5 - 7.0

  Men play at their USTA ratings if they have one.

  Women may deduct .5 from their USTA  rating.

Note: If both captains agree IN ADVANCE, different levels may be used. For example both captains could agree to play the top level at 10.0 instead of 9.0. USTA ratings are not required. However, players play at their USTA rating if they have one. Women may deduct .5 from their USTA ratings.  

Players without USTA ratings are to play at a rating that reflects their skill level.  Levels assigned to players without USTA ratings to be approved by other team captains, Don Royer, and Jay Witmer prior to play.


Prior to match, home team captain to call visiting team captain to confirm starting times. Home team provides balls.

Rained out matches can be made up on any mutually agreeable date.

After matches, teams should report results (OK to send a photo of scores via cell phone) to  CentralPennTennis@embarqmail.com  

Match results will be available on the web site:  www.centralpenntennis.com



First two sets - play a 7 point tie-breaker at 6 all.  If sets are split, match to be decided by a 10 point super tie-breaker (must win by two points). If a team wins either 3 or more of the doubles matches, that team wins the overall match

Protests:  To be resolved by Don Royer and team captains, excluding captains of protesting teams.  If a protest is upheld, the team loses the protested court.

- Pros with USTA ratings of 4.5 or below may play in the League although captains should try to use club members before  pros when possible. 
- Pros 5.0 or higher may not play. 
- Women may deduct .5 from their USTA rating. 
- Players play at their USTA rating if they have one.
- Participants in the league have to be age 23 or older. 
- Players may only play for one team during a season.
- Clubs may not charge a fee to visiting players or teams. 


Playoffs: Based on overall standings in the league, the top 4 teams advance to playoffs.

League standings are based on overall match winning percentage since teams may have played a different number of matches due to rainouts. 
If teams are tied in match winning percentage, the first tiebreaker will be percentage of courts won, then head-to-head records, then percentage of sets won.

The second and third place teams will play and the first and fourth place teams will play.

The winners of these matches will play for the championship.

The higher ranked team is the home team.

To play in the playoffs or finals, players must have played 1 match during the regular season.